Boat Carpet Trim

Now this I just recently learned about quite by accident by doing some research based on somebody submitting it as a search term used that brought them to this blog about carpets. I personally had never heard of or even knew about trim for carpets. Lo and behold, sure enough there is trim for carpets used primarily in bass boat rigs from what I can find. Since I’m currently restoring a 1993 Nitro 170 TF I’m pondering whether or not to use this trim.

I’ve found that it comes in two different types. One style is a butt style where basically the carpet butts up against it. The other style is called a tuck style where the carpet is tucked within the trim. What both styles of trim does is give your carpet a nice clean look. Do not confuse this type of trim for trim that goes around the edges of lid boxes or consoles which is quite different. Here’s a link to the trim for carpet and here’s what it looks like. Butt styles first followed by tuck style.

Butt Style Carpet Trim Tuck Style Carpet Trim


Tuck Style Carpet Trim

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