Installing Vinyl Boat Flooring

Hello   I am going to take up the boat carpet on my pontoon and replace it with your vinyl flooring. What type of glue should I use, how do I put the glue down (roller or V notch trial), and do you have any tips on how to lay the vinyl boat flooring down?  Do you use a vinyl roller like you use for home vinyl flooring (once the vinyl is placed down).   J. Mason

Hi Mr. Mason You can use any indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive though we recommend our boat carpet glue as we have tested it with the vinyl flooring and have had no problems.  The glue needs to be troweled down with an 1/8″ trowel and we do recommend rolling it with a heavy vinyl roller once it is down.  You will also want to clamp the edges down as our vinyl is extremely thick and will try to roll up on you.  We always recommend rolling the vinyl out and clamping it for a day to straighten then we you get ready to glue it down fold the vinyl flooring in half, the width of your boat so you can apply the glue on one entire half of the deck at a time.  This will prevent you from having to kneel down and basically crawl around on the deck, you’ll be able to stand on the side of the boat and apply the glue.  Then fold it over and do the same thing to the other side, then roll it down hard with a heavy roller and keep the clamps on the edges.  Using clamps and 2×4′s will really help hold the edges down.  Visit to buy vinyl boat flooring and marine carpet online.

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